NYLO Hotel Brands

NYLO’s Unique Lifestyle Brands

All of NYLO’s brands share a common goal: to provide a comfortable, fun, unique, social and energetic atmosphere in spaces that feature cutting-edge design, art and music. With an eye on INclusivity, accessibility, reasonable prices, NYLO also provides great service without an attitude. NYLO’s venues welcome everyone, regardless of demographic; but are particularly appealing to the wide psychographic that’s highly active, technologically savvy and interested in the arts, music, fashion, food and sports; and those seeking a more emotive, unique, lifestyle-oriented experience.

The aesthetic of all NYLO’s brands lie at the intersection of innovative design, smart style and unexpectedly affordable luxury. This point of view is delivered through a marriage of music, art, fashion and functionality to create a singular vision that’s unmistakably NYLO.